About Travelships

The purpose of the PharmSci 360 Travelship Program is to support the presentation of exciting, data-driven science at PharmSci 360. Each year, AAPS issues a limited number of travelships to student and post-doc AAPS members who submitted abstracts during the spring Call for Abstracts.

Recipients are selected based on their membership status and the score the abstract received from an anonymous panel of screeners. You must be a presenting author to be considered for an AAPS Travelship.

AAPS Travelships are not based on need, volunteering experience, or other factors. AAPS will not consider any additional information – do not send AAPS a CV, letter of endorsement, or other material. It will be deleted without review.

The AAPS Travelship program is not related to the AAPS Best Abstract Award or the AAPS Best Poster Award. Receiving either of these honors does not guarantee a travelship.

Travelships are non-transferable. If a presenting author is unable to accept the travelship or present the abstract, AAPS will withdraw the offer.

AAPS travelship decisions are final.

How to Apply for an AAPS Travelship

  1. Only presenting authors are considered for travelships.
  2. Join AAPS as a student or post-doc member before you submit your abstract. Join AAPS now.*
  3. Submit a data-driven abstract that meets AAPS’ requirements as described in the Call for Poster Abstracts by the early abstract submission deadline.
  4. Check “yes” when asked if you wish to be considered for a travelship.

That’s all you have to do!

How Your Abstract Will Be Evaluated

A panel of 3 or more volunteer scientists who work in your scientific area will score your abstract in a double-blind review process. They will evaluate your abstract using these four questions:

  1. Is the conclusion of the poster data-driven?
  2. Will viewers find this poster novel or exciting?
  3. Does this poster incrementally advance its field?
  4. Does the author’s selected strategy for evaluating the hypothesis suit the project?

When Will Applicants Be Notified

Hundreds of volunteers will screen hundreds of abstracts in preparation for PharmSci 360. Authors who checked “yes” to be considered for a travelship will receive notification of their status before the author registration deadline identified in the Call for Poster Abstracts.

Travelship Decisions are Final

AAPS travelship decisions are final. The association will not change a determination based on a statement of need, a letter of endorsement, or other unsolicited materials.

Contact AAPS Deputy Executive Director Joy Davis at [email protected] with questions.

*AAPS will not refund your membership if you fail to receive an AAPS Travelship.