How can I register to attend? To register:

  • Visit the AAPS Registration site
  • Log in using your AAPS.org credentials
  • Complete your profile and select your registration type

Once payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Use the 4-digit registration ID at the top of the email to begin viewing content.

I cannot find my registration ID. What do I do? Your 4-digit registration ID is located on your registration confirmation email and the final “Know Before You Go” email. If you need assistance locating your registration ID, please email [email protected].

What is the Early Registration Deadline? The discounted Early Registration Deadline is April 20. Registrations will be accepted throughout the meeting. Register now!

In what time zone will the sessions run? AAPS will run the meeting on Eastern Time.

How long will the sessions be available online? All sessions and posters will be available online to registrants through July 20, 2021. Registrants will use their registration ID to access content during and after the meeting.



What should I do on the first day of the meeting? Use the instructions provided in your welcome email to access the meeting, which will include the URL for the meeting and your registration ID. You cannot access sessions without your registration ID.  

What web browsers are supported? The online meeting platform supports the most current versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. Chrome is the preferred browser. 

The Internet Explorer (IE) web browser is no longer supported, so the meeting will not be available on IE. 

Do I need a webcam to attend the meeting? No, you do not need a webcam and can attend in audio-only format. 

Can I attend the event on a mobile device? Yes, the site can be viewed on a mobile device and will be formatted for mobile viewing.

I am having trouble accessing the meeting site. What should I do?  Some organization/corporate IT settings will block websites. Please have your IT security team whitelist the following addresses:









I am seeing “no connection page” or “network error” upon login. What should I do? Your web browser's cache and cookies may need to be adjusted. Try logging in using an "incognito" browser window (which usually ignores all your stored cache and cookies). If logging in through incognito works, you may need to clear your browser's cache and cookies to be able to log in from a normal window. Every browser has a different way to clear cache and cookies, so you will have to check how to do this depending on what browser you are using.

Alternatively, there might be a general issue with the web browser. It is possible that some settings on your web browser are causing the issue with logging in. If you are using an uncommon browser, it is also possible that it might not be supported by our system.

  • Try logging in using another browser. If logging in with another browser works, then there are many possible reasons why the browser you normally use is not currently working. "JavaScript" and "Accept Cookies" should be enabled/allowed. These are the two more common issues for this type of problem.
  • Make sure Google Chrome is correctly accepting cookies. Go to "Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data." The option "Allow sites to save and read cookie data" should be enabled. The options "Keep local data only until you quit your browser" and "Block third party cookies" should be disabled. 

I think my company’s firewall policies are blocking the site. Antivirus and firewall software sometimes automatically block certain sites out of minor suspicions, and the webpage following our login page might have been blocked causing you to be unable to login. 

If you think there might be an issue with your antivirus or firewall, you can try logging in using a different device. For example, if you are logging in from a desktop computer, try logging in using your mobile phone.

If logging in using a different device works, this proves in general that the issue is due to something affecting the device that cannot login. This would need to be done for all forms of antivirus and firewall software on your computer. You may need to engage your IT help desk if this is an organizational/corporate IT policy.

I think my VPN might be blocking my access to NBC: If using an organization/corporate VPN:

  • Turn off VPN
  • If turning off the VPN is not an option, ask your IT department to whitelist the websites listed above.
  • Use your personal device to access the site. NBC is optimized for mobile viewing.


How do I ask questions during a session? All sessions include a chat box and are moderated by staff and volunteers. Type in your question and the speaker or moderator will respond. You can ask questions at any point during the session.

Will other registrants be able to see or hear me while attending a session? No. Registrants enter sessions in watch-only mode and are muted with their cameras off. Registrants are encouraged to communicate with peers and the speakers live during the session through the text-only chat box.

Where can I find program descriptions? Go to the online program to review a list of all the sessions offered during NBC. You can search by session type, track, date, and speaker. Or, browse session descriptions by track in the AAPS Newsmagazine

I missed a presentation. Can I view a recording? All presentations will be made available for viewing within 24 hours of streaming and will remain available to registrants until July 20, 2021. 

How do I connect with speakers? Most speakers will participate in the digital chat that accompanies their presentation when it is streamed. If you are unable to participate in that live chat, you can reach out to any speaker through Connect 360 at any point during the meeting.


If everything is pre-recorded, how do I connect with the audience? We ask that all speakers participate in the live Q&A that will occur through a chat box during your scheduled presentation time. You should also complete your Connect 360 profile so that registrants can find you for one-on-one conversations.

What if the date and time I have been assigned to present does not work for my schedule? Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on the date and time of your presentation. However, by pre-recording your session, you are still able to present regardless of your schedule’s limitations. We ask that all speakers participate in the live Q&A chat box during their session time but understand if you are unable to do so.

How do speakers update their headshot or profile info? Log into the Speaker Service Center to complete the required tasks including uploading a headshot and biography. Please contact [email protected] for assistance. 


What is Connect 360? Connect 360 is an AI-driven, matchmaking tool that helps registrants network based on interests they share with other registrants. Connect 360 will recommend registrants you may be interested in meeting based on your interests. Through Connect 360, you can message other participants and meet with them by video chat. You can also block your calendar so that other registrants know when you are available.

How do I log into Connect 360? To enter Connect 360, you must go to the meeting website and use the 4-digit registration ID included in your registration confirmation email to login. Connect 360 will be available 2-3 weeks prior to the start of NBC. All registrants will receive an email with instructions.

Do I have to register for Connect 360 separately? No. Once you register for NBC, a profile will be created for you in Connect 360. Use your registration ID to log into the meeting site and complete your profile to begin interacting with other registrants.

How and when can I schedule one-on-one meetings through Connect 360? Once you “Show Interest” in a profile, you can request a meeting with that registrant. First, select “Show Interest” while viewing the profile of a registrant with whom you would like to meet. Then select “Schedule a Meeting” and complete the meeting proposal form. If this is a new connection for you, make sure you explain why you would like to meet! The registrant will receive an email notification and may then choose to meet with you. You may schedule meetings from 8:00 am­6:00 pm ET between the dates of May 17-20. However, registrants may block their schedules, so be sure to honor the times that they are available.

Can I have a meeting with more than 2 people? Yes. To meet with more than one person through Connect 360 create a meeting with one person including date and time. You can then add up to 9 additional people to your meeting. The meeting limit is 10 people. 

Can I show my availability? Yes. Registrants can block dates and times when they are unavailable to discourage requests during those periods. To do so:

  • Select “Profile” on the top right
  • Select “Manage My Availability” on left
  • Select blocks you wish to change from “Available” to “Busy” 

Will I receive email notifications about activity in Connect 360? Yes. The email you used to register for NBC will be used to notify you of activity within Connect 360, including connections, chat messages, and video call requests.

What if the video call lasts longer than the allotted 20 minutes? Meetings will continue as long as there are people still in the meeting. If the set length of the meeting is exceeded, the meeting will remain active until all participants leave the meeting, at which time it closes.

What if I am late to the scheduled video call? The meeting will be canceled if no one attends the meeting. Make sure to arrive a couple minutes early! 

Are the chats available after NBC? No, chats are only saved in the platform and cannot be exported. If you create a connection, be sure to exchange contact information to continue the conversation after NBC.

I am registered as an exhibitor, but I am attending the full conference. Will my chats and video calls be private, or will they be accessible by my fellow exhibitors within my company? Your interactions are private and accessible only to you. Connect 360 views each registrant as an individual and does not recognize company affiliations in assigning access.

I am concerned about my privacy and access to my contact information. Registrants’ privacy is important to AAPS. Your contact information will never be sold or rented to outside parties, nor made available to other registrants without your permission. If you would like to continue to connect with another registrant after NBC, you must give them your contact information or enable the Contact Detail Sharing feature within your profile. See above. You can access Connect 360’s Privacy Policy at the link on the left side of your Connect 360 profile page.


I am interested in exhibiting or sponsoring. Who should I contact?  Please contact our sales team at [email protected] to reserve your virtual booth and learn about engagement and partnership opportunities.

Are there dedicated networking hours? The virtual exhibit hall is open continually for browsing during the meeting. We encourage exhibitor representatives to be available for meetings and to chat within Connect 360 Monday–Thursday from 12:30 pm­2:00 pm ET.

How do I update my logo or company description? Log into the Sponsor Resource Center and complete the required tasks, including uploading a company logo and description. Only the main point of contact for the company has access to the Sponsor Resource Center. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Can exhibitors take attendees outside of NBC for conversation? Yes. AAPS encourages participants and exhibitors to use Connect 360 to make appointments, and to use the virtual exhibit hall to browse exhibitions and connect with exhibitors. However, exhibitors are able to take their conversations to proprietary company sites that hold additional, detailed information after making contact. 


How will AAPS present posters? AAPS will make the complete catalogue of posters available to registrants starting May 17, and it will remain available through July 20. Each presenting author is required to record an audio presentation to accompany their poster. Registrants can browse the catalogue by keyword online.

How can I talk to authors? There are four ways to connect with authors:

  1. While in the poster collection, attendees have the ability to email the presenting author and/or request a copy of the poster (permissions set by author).
  2. Attend one of the Special Poster Collections scheduled during the meeting, where AAPS leaders will chat with a small group of authors about their work.
  3. Attend a Poster Social to video chat live with authors.
  4. Contact an author through Connect 360 to make an appointment. 


Will there be a LinkedIn Review? Yes. Look for LinkedIn Critiques in the agenda. During each session, a LinkedIn expert will critique a profile live. AAPS will invite participants to volunteer their LinkedIn profiles for review in May. Participation is free but preregistration is required. If you signed up and need assistance, please email [email protected].