Student Chapters

Student Chapters Awards


AAPS recognizes Student Chapters that have provided exceptional service and outreach during the course of the year. Examples of service and outreach include: offering scientific sessions and professional development education and training; participating in community and charitable social events; collaborating with other schools, chapters, or industry on a project; promotional efforts for the chapter.


An AAPS Student Chapter that has provided exceptional service and outreach.

Number Presented Annually: Up to 3

Presentation: By chapter leadership at a chapter meeting


  • Award plaque
  • Announcement at PharmSci 360 during appropriate student activities
  • $1,000 for each awarded chapter to be used to support programming for the chapter
  • AAPS-sponsored visit from an AAPS Fellow, Distinguished Scientist Award recipient, Global Leader Award recipient, or Distinguished Service Award recipient

Expectations for Recipient:

  • Participation in AAPS’ efforts to bring best practices to other Student Chapters
  • Creation of a video about the Student Chapter that will be shared with the public


Nomination Type: Self-nomination by leaders of Student Chapter
Qualifications for Nomination:

  • Must not have won this award in the past 24 months
  • Must be a chartered AAPS Student Chapter
  • Must have submitted a complete chapter roster to AAPS on time in the prior year
  • Must have 10 AAPS student members in good standing at time of application
  • Must have chapter’s executive committee (I.e., President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) on file with AAPS at time of nomination
  • Must have a faculty advisor who is an AAPS member in good standing at time of application

Applicant qualifications will be verified by AAPS Membership Department.

Nomination Package:

Completed online form, including:

  • Description of services and outreach efforts
  • Number of members in the chapter
  • Student Chapter member roster list
  • Number and description of programs offered by the chapter during the 12 months preceding the application deadline
  • Minimum of 1 letter of endorsement from a senior pharmaceutical professional and AAPS member, currently working in academia or industry, who is not the faculty advisor

Selection Committee:

  • The AAPS Awards Committee
  • 1 AAPS member who participated in a chapter that has previously won the award

Selection Process:

The Selection Committee seeks examples of extraordinary service and outreach as listed below:

  • The frequency of the chapter’s efforts
  • The creativity of the chapter’s efforts
  • Service (sessions, training, events)
  • Outreach

The committee will vote to select a recipient.