The Outstanding Manuscript Awards

Outstanding Manuscript Awards


The Outstanding Manuscript Awards recognize outstanding contributions to original research published in the following AAPS journals: The AAPS Journal, AAPS PharmSciTech, and Pharmaceutical Research.


Authors who have published a manuscript in the journal that is deemed to have had a high impact on the pharmaceutical sciences community.

Number Presented Annually: 1 per journal (3 total)

Presentation: PharmSci 360 Opening General Session or similar Award.

  • Award plaque
  • Complimentary registration to PharmSci 360 in year of receipt for lead author or their designate
  • Expectations for Recipient: Recipients (or designee) must attend PharmSci 360 and participate in the
  • Awards Program presentation to accept this honor

Nomination Type: Selection by each specific journal’s chief editor.

Qualifications for Nomination: Publication in specific journal during specified period.

Enterprise-level AAPS award recipients will not be considered for additional enterprise-level awards in consecutive years.

Nomination Package: 
Downloads and citations during a fixed 2-year period, provided by AAPS staff to chief editor.

Selection Committee: 
Individual chief editors make the selection for their journal based on objective metrics (downloads and citations) and the editor’s judgement about impact and value of the manuscript. Chief editors are free to consult with their editorial boards as they wish.

Selection Process:
Editors review downloads and citations during a fixed 2-year period. Preference is given to original research but is not required for consideration.