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Accepting Late Breaking Abstract Submissions May 31-July 19!

Submission Deadline: July 19 at 5pm ET
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Review important dates and requirements in the Call for Poster Abstracts (PDF) before you submit.

Important Notes for Authors
You must become an AAPS member before submitting your abstract if you plan to use the membership discount on your registration for PharmSci 360. Join now!
Read all instructions and complete all tasks. The submission site will guide you through submitting step-by-step. Be careful not to miss a step!
Include data in your abstract. AAPS poster abstracts are data driven. Abstracts that have no data, or that make promises to include data later, will be rejected.
Travelships and Awards
Late-Breaking poster abstract submissions are not eligible for awards or travelships.
Review the Tracks/Topics (Review Groups) before beginning your online abstract submission. Tracks/Subtracks/Topics may be found in the Call for Poster Abstracts (PDF) document listed above.


Call for Volunteer Abstract Screeners

Screener Training Document

AAPS seeks volunteer poster abstract screeners to review submitted abstracts for the 2023 PharmSci 360, Late Breaking poster abstracts. To be a screener you must agree to:

  1. Review and select the Review Groups in which you are experienced. The Review groups correspond to PharmSci 360’s tracks and topics.
    Learn More about Tracks/Subtrack/Topics
  2. Review Screener Training before screening begins.
  3. Spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the applicable literature in your area of expertise.
  4. Spend a few minutes reading each abstract assigned to you and answering a few questions about it.
  5. Review Late-Breaking Poster Abstract submissions from July 21-August 7, 2023.
NOTE: If you previously signed up to review abstracts for the 2023 PharmSci 360, there is no need to complete a duplicate application. Duplicate applications will be removed from the screener listing.

Ready to apply? 

Screener Sign-up


Poster Creation and Upload 


You must use an approved poster template provided by AAPS. Download a template:

Template 1 PPT

Template 2 PPT

Template 3 PPT

Template 4 PPT

Template 5 PPT

Template 6 PPT

Template 7 PPT

Template 8 PPT

Directions for using the template are written inside of it – read each section carefully! Information about font size, images, and other details are included.


You will receive an email from [email protected] with a link to create your login. Make sure you enter your email address in the format “[email protected]” while creating your login.


Authors are encouraged to add audio narrations to each section of their poster. This will help registrants grasp the research presented in the poster before contacting the author for additional information and discussion. We recommend you keep your narrations brief. A few seconds spent explaining the basics of what the listener is seeing will help them become engaged with your work.

After you upload your poster, AAPS will process it, which may take from a few hours to a few days, depending on the timing of your submission. You will receive an email once the poster is ready for you to add audio narration. Once you receive an email stating your poster is ready, visit this page to add narration to your poster.

How to Add Audio Narration

  • Review this example of a poster with narration attached to each section: ePoster With Audio Narration
  • Watch this tutorial recording your audio narration with a section: How to Use Your Browser to Record an Audio Narration
  • Add narration to each section of the poster during the final review step
  • Download additional Information and FAQs (PDF) about uploading and narration.


      1. Presenting authors of accepted early submissions, must register to attend the meeting by June 14, 2023.
      2. Presenting author of late-breaking submissions, must register to attend the meeting by September 6, 2023.
      3. No changes to the presenting author are possible after September 6, 2023. If you require a change in presenting author to a coauthor of the abstract before September 6, email your change request to Teresa Homrich at [email protected]. You must include your abstract submission ID number, name of the coauthor presenting, and coauthor email address.
      4. You must upload your poster file by October 2, 2023 (Earlier is better!).