AAPS Fellows


Three Questions to Ask Before Beginning the Nomination Process:

  1. Has the nominee been a member of AAPS for 5 of the past 7 years? If not, their nomination will not be considered. To verify a member’s eligibility, contact [email protected].
  2. Has the nominee provided at least 2 years of service to AAPS in the past 10 years? For more information about this requirement, read the Fellows Handbook. Nominees who have not been engaged will not be considered.
  3. Has the nominee been working in the pharmaceutical sciences for at least 10 years? AAPS will consider nominees with abbreviated biographies, but they must demonstrate extraordinary accomplishment. Most Fellows had completed their highest degree and then work for more than a decade in the pharmaceutical sciences before being nominated.

Fellows Committee

Joan M. Korth-Bradley, Pharm.D., Ph.D., FAAPS Chair 
Ravi Kumar N. Majeti, Ph.D., FAAPS Vice Chair
Mandip Singh Sachdeva, Ph.D., FAAPS Past Chair
David Cipolla, Ph.D., FAAPS Member
Tycho Heimbach, Ph.D., FAAPS Member
Bhaskara Jasti, Ph.D., FAAPS Member
Xiuling Lu, Ph.D., FAAPS Member
Audra Stinchcomb, Ph.D. FAAPS Member
Patrick Sinko, Ph.D., R.Ph., FAAPS Board Liaison