Career Development at PharmSci 360


Strategic Management & Leadership Education

AAPS will offer education sessions focused on building and managing an effective team and developing one’s own skills set in the Career Development Center this year. For detailed information about any of these sessions, or to add them to your schedule, visit the conference website.

Career Development Sessions:

Management Skills for the Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Scientist

Learn how to hire, evaluate, and communicate with peers in your research group.

“Soft” is a Misnomer: Career Success Depends on Soft Skills!
Put others at ease in your presence, learn which rules to break when presenting your work, and lead a healthy team.

Careers, Carpools, and Chaotic Schedules: Striking Your Perfect Work-Life Balance
Steer your career to success by recognizing the factors that affect your personal career growth and preparing to negotiate for the support you need.

Yin & Yang of Strategic Leadership (Session A): Developing One-Self
Manage your mindset, behaviors, and workplace relationships to help you stand out in your organization and in your industry as a leader.

Yin & Yang of Strategic Leadership (Session B): Developing People
Develop your Emotional Intelligence, create a diverse workforce with a shared purpose, and lead change.

What to Expect Starting Your Industry Career in a CRO/CMO?
Understand what CROs and CMOs do and their role in drug development while weighing the pros and cons of working for one.

Team Leadership and Strategic Plans (The Good, The Bad, And The Emotionally Intelligent)
Use strategic planning to create a framework for innovation and enable individual creativity to drive team success.

Better Together: Building More Effective Cross-Functional Teams
Understand the unique challenges of and learn to leverage cross-functional teams.

Breaking the Curse of Knowledge: Sharing Your Science With Nonscientists
Learn to speak the language of clients and partners with whom you hope to work, and improve your meetings and presentations.

Women in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Strategies to Avoid Falling Off the Glass Cliff
Learn innovative thinking; strategies for navigating inclusion issues; how to obtain sponsors; and how to stay healthy in a challenging new leadership position.

Flexibility of Behavior is Key for Career Development
Develop a flexible mindset, build a personal brand, and grow a network that helps you succeed professionally.

Gravel and Grit: Building a Road to Speaking Clearly
Learn to master some of the unique characteristics of American English that will take your speaking skills to the next level.

See complete session descriptions, learning objectives, and speakers on the conference website.

Students & Post Docs: Don’t Miss the Mentor Breakfast

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 7-8:30am

Students, Post Docs, and others are invited to join experienced academic, industry, and regulatory leaders for breakfast and a conversation about their career goals, and how to reach them, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 7am. Visit the conference website to add this to your schedule.

Would you like to be a mentor? Volunteer!   

Find a Job, Get Career Advice

Before you go

Post Your Resume & Contact a Recruiter!
PharmSci 360’s exclusive online job board is available only to registered attendees, and features jobs posted by the recruiters who are attending the meeting. You’ll be invited to post your resume as soon as you register! You can keep your resume anonymous, browse job postings, and book appointments with recruiters before you get to San Antonio.

Before You go – Book a Résumé Review!
Through the Resume Review program, you are able to share your resume with a scientist who works in your desired field before PharmSci 360, and then meet with that expert on site for a personal critique. You’ll be invited to participate in the Resume Review program after you register. Hurry! The Resume Review program is popular year after year, and always books up fast!

Once you're on site

Recruiters will be on-site and ready to chat with you in the Career Development Center. Bring your resume!

NEW! Update Your Headshot
Your profile photo on LinkedIn is the first impression you’ll make on recruiters and colleagues. Make sure yours is current and professional.

FREE Critique of Your LinkedIn Profile
Experts will again be available in the LinkedIn Bar to review your LinkedIn profile and help you present your career to the world.

Meet the Editors
Network with editors and other publishing scientists during this conversational event in the AAPS Hub.

Recruiter Opportunities

Thousands of scientists, managers, and executives will visit the AAPS Career Development Center at PharmSci 360 this
November. More than 20% of them are seeking new positions and will come to the meeting with that goal in mind. If
you’re looking to attract top talent to your organization, you should be here!

  • Meet candidates on‐site; tables and private interview booths available
  • Post jobs and make appointments before the meeting using the online job board
  • Review poster abstracts before the meeting; use our app to contact candidates you want to meet
  • Volunteer for a shift at the LinkedIn Bar or serve as a resume reviewer
  • Visit the poster forums and meet potential hires presenting their science first hand
Recruiter Opportunities

To book a booth at the meeting, post an opening on the Online Job Board, or participate in the LinkedIn Bar, contact Kate Hawley.

AAPS thanks the Career Development Committee for planning this year’s Career Development Education!

Maggie McMullen

Committee Members
Aktham Aburub, Ph.D.
Eric C. Buxton, Ph.D.
Carol A. Davis, Ph.D.
Brian Alden Dow, Ph.D.
Joanne Gehas, Ph.D.
Karina Kwok, Ph.D.
Stephanie Pasas-Farmer, Ph.D.
Lauren Stevenson, Ph.D.
Joleen T. White, Ph.D.