AAPS Distinguished Service Award

AAPS Distinguished Service Award



The AAPS Distinguished Service Award brings recognition and public appreciation to a member for a lifetime of service to AAPS. Distinguished Service Award recipients are held up as an example of the inclusive, collaborative volunteer leadership AAPS encourages.


An individual who has contributed significantly and consistently over a long period of time to benefit AAPS in achieving its mission. Contributions may include, but are not limited to, exemplary volunteer leadership at several levels of the organization; consistently organizing and participating in workshops, short courses, webinars, and e-courses; and other efforts for AAPS that go well beyond simply fulfilling an assigned role.

Number Presented Annually: 1

Presentation: PharmSci 360 Opening General Session or similar


  • Award plaque
  • Up to 4 complimentary hotel nights in the hotel of AAPS’ choosing
  • Reimbursement for flight costs up to $750 domestic or $1,200 international (Recipient must comply with AAPS’ travel policy for expenses to be eligible for reimbursement)
  • Complimentary registration in year of receipt

Expectations for Recipient:

Recipient must attend PharmSci 360 and participate in the Awards Program presentation to accept this honor. Participation in the promotion of volunteering within AAPS, whether by helping author an article, assisting with presentation of a webinar, etc. Recipients who are unwilling to be seen as the “face” of volunteering at AAPS should not apply.


Nomination Type: Self, peer, or committee of peers
Qualifications for Nomination:

  • At least 5 consecutive years of membership in AAPS
  • AAPS member at time of nomination (emeritus and other membership types are acceptable)

Enterprise-level AAPS award recipients will not be considered for additional enterprise-level awards in consecutive years.

Nomination Package:

  • Curriculum Vitae/résumé
  • Biography emphasizing extraordinary elements of service to AAPS
  • List of contributions to AAPS, including roles held, programs developed, etc.
  • Recent photo appropriate for publication
  • 2-3 letters of endorsement
  • Nominator’s statement

Selection Committee: The AAPS Awards Committee

Selection Process:

  • Consistent, active, many-years-long involvement in AAPS
  • Efforts that consistently exceed the requirements and expectations of any role

The following are examples of the type of work the committee expects to see described in nomination package:

  • Involvement and contribution as a volunteer leader serving at several levels of the organization over the candidate’s tenure as an AAPS member (committee chair, Board of Director member, section leader, AAPS Communities leader, etc.)
  • Duration of involvement with AAPS
  • Strength of leadership
  • Efforts to grow membership through personal outreach
  • Overall impact on AAPS and its membership
  • Demonstration of efforts to support AAPS growth and strategic initiatives
  • Providing quality service to members through the development of AAPS programs and services
  • Personal involvement in developing long-term relationships with significant donors and industry partners
  • Personal efforts to promote the pharmaceutical sciences
    Work in policy making through AAPS, such as developing responses to guidances

The committee will vote to select a recipient. If no qualified candidates meet the high-level of service AAPS seeks to recognize with this award, the award will not be given in that year.