Pharmaceutical Global Health Award

Pharmaceutical Global Health Award



The Pharmaceutical Global Health Award recognizes AAPS members for their impact on their communities, both in the United States and abroad, through humanitarian work that may or may not involve the pharmaceutical industry, but which does improve public or global health.


An AAPS member who has made a local or international humanitarian impact through their personal efforts to improve public or global health, and/or to aid in disease prevention and cures.

Number Presented Annually: 1

Presentation: PharmSci 360 opening general session or similar


  • Award plaque
  • Up to 4 complimentary hotel nights in the hotel of AAPS’ choosing
  • Reimbursement for flight costs up to $750 domestic or $1,200 international (Recipient must comply with AAPS’ travel policy for expenses to be eligible for reimbursement)
  • Complimentary registration in year of receipt

Expectations for Recipient:

  • Recipient must attend PharmSci 360 and participate in the Awards Program presentation to accept this honor.
  • Recipient is expected to support promotion of AAPS by writing articles, giving interviews, etc., as asked.

Nomination Type: Self, peer, or committee of peers

Qualifications for Nomination:

  • Member of AAPS for at least 3 consecutive years
  • AAPS member at time of nomination

Enterprise-level AAPS award recipients will not be considered for additional enterprise-level awards in consecutive years.


Nomination Package:

  • Curriculum Vitae/résumé
  • Biography describing candidate’s service and its impact
  • 2-3 letters of endorsement (optional)
  • Nominator’s statement

Examples of Qualifying Activities

The Awards Committee anticipates that successful candidates for this honor will exhibit sustained engagement in one of the following activities, or comparable activities:

  • Sustained leadership of a fundraising campaign that supports lifesaving global health efforts
  • Significant contributions to a program such as Doctors Without Borders to provide aid to populations in distress
  • Impactful disease prevention education in low-income areas to reduce outbreaks of diseases
  • Sustained efforts to prevent illness in survivors of a natural disaster
  • Strong evidence of leadership in collaborations in global healthcare
  • Championing research and development that results in new products that directly benefit people in developing countries in collaboration with their place of employment
  • Conducting research that had a significant impact on treating a disease predominate in developing countries
  • Volunteering a significant amount of time to provide impactful, basic education related to pharmaceuticals in a low-education region of the world, including low-income areas of the United States
  • Leading a challenging project to start a pharmacy department, build pharmaceutical science research facility, or build a manufacturing site that benefited a local low-income area in the United States or any other country
  • Successful, sustained effort to navigate local regulations and/or distribution challenges to bring quality medicines, or more of them, to low-income communities
  • Championing and/or hosting training opportunities for pharmaceutical science professions in low-income regions of the world

Selection Committee: The AAPS Awards Committee

Selection Process:

The Awards Committee will consider the following:

  • Humanitarian work (candidate’s personal work to affect public and global health, with a focus on efforts to support disease prevention and cures, as well as the number of people affected by the candidate’s efforts)
  • Scope of impact
  • Potential or evidence for a lasting impact
  • Uniqueness of story; emotional impact
  • Demonstrations of best attributes of AAPS membership (selflessness, high standards, etc.)
  • Moral and ethical approach to the work

The committee will vote to select a recipient.