PharmSci 360 FAQs


What is happening with PharmSci 360 this year? AAPS brings together pharmaceutical scientists from around the world to share research and exchange ideas in order to improve global health. PharmSci 360 is an important part of this work, drawing thousands of scientists to the largest, richest scientific conversation of the year.  The importance of that scientific conversation and its ability to advance global health is why the Board of Directors has determined that AAPS will present the full PharmSci 360 program both online and in person -- including the entire scientific program as well as networking events, career development opportunities, posters, and partner engagements.

What are the dates of the 2020 PharmSci 360? The meeting will run online Oct. 26–Nov. 5, 2020. Workshops will take place online after the event. All session recordings and posters will remain available to registrants until Dec. 31, 2020.

Why is the meeting so long? AAPS will present the entire scientific program, including 300+ sessions and hundreds of speakers, in an expanded schedule with free periods between sessions and less competition between sessions and events. This give registrants the opportunity to choose the sessions and events in which they wish to participate. AAPS encourages you to review the agenda in advance of the meeting and mark your calendar for the sessions and events that are important to you.

How will AAPS host an in-person meeting in New Orleans? AAPS is monitoring the situation in New Orleans, as well as the evolving guidelines and best practices for face-to-face meetings, very closely. As the meeting draws closer, and more is known about COVID-19, AAPS will finalize and announce its plans for the face-to-face event.

What time will sessions run? AAPS will run the meeting on Eastern Time. AAPS is now developing plans for recording sessions, poster authors, Rapid Fire presentations, and other programming to allow members in other time zones to view sessions at their convenience.

Is there a limit to how many people can attend a session? No.

How long will the sessions be available online? All sessions and posters will be available online to registrants through December 31, 2020. Individuals will need to use their registration ID to access content during and after the meeting.

How do I connect with speakers? Most speakers will participate in the digital chat that accompanies their presentation when it is streamed. If you are unable to participate in that live chat, you can reach out to any speaker through Connect 360 at any point during the meeting.

What computer software and hardware do I need to participate? AAPS is partnering with our long-time AV partner, Freeman, to execute the meeting. More information, including how to log in, what software will be required, and when the site will be available, will be shared with registrants.

Has the cost of registration changed? No – but the registration types have been reduced. AAPS has eliminated several types of registration in anticipation of reduced in-person attendance and expanded virtual registration. (For example, AAPS will not offer a Guest registration type this year, or a One-Day pass) AAPS did not increase the cost of registration, despite extending the time available to access the program and event.

What is the Advanced Registration Deadline? The discounted Advanced Registration Deadline is Sept. 29. Registrations will be accepted throughout the meeting. Register now!

How do I network with poster authors, exhibitors, and others? In late summer 2020 AAPS will introduce Connect 360, an AI-powered event matchmaking tool, that will help you connect and interact with other registrants. Have a question? Looking for a service or product? Connect 360 will connect you with the right people to help you find an answer. This platform will be complimentary to all registrants of PharmSci 360.

I received an email offering to sell or rent to me a list of contact information for PharmSci 360 attendees or AAPS members. Are you selling my contact information? AAPS NEVER sells or rents contact information for its members or its event participants, nor does it authorize any third party to do so. The email you have received is fraudulent. Do not respond to it. Reputable AAPS partners may arrange to send an email to attendees or members through AAPS. They are unable to access any member or registrant’s contact information.



Can exhibitors take attendees outside of PharmSci 360 for conversation? Yes. AAPS encourages participants and exhibitors to use Connect 360 to make appointments, and to use the virtual exhibit hall to browse exhibitions and connect with exhibitors. But exhibitors are welcome to take their conversations to proprietary company sites that hold additional, detailed information after making contact.

I’m a current exhibitor. How will this impact my booth reservation? The AAPS Business Development team, along with our Sales Team at NTP Events, is working with each exhibitor to modify their existing package in order to format determine how they can benefit from PharmSci 360 this year. Contact them at [email protected].

Will exhibitors be able to rollover their 2020 funds into 2021 or a future event? YES! The AAPS Business Development team will be happy to work with you to find the best option for your organization’s needs.

Will exhibitors be eligible for a refund? If so, how will they be refunded? Will there be a penalty/fee? If you do not wish to participate in PharmSci 360 2020, or roll your investments over to 2021, AAPS will provide you with a refund by check or wire transfer by November 7, 2020.

Will this mean that there is a new 100% liability date? Yes! Our new 100% liability date is August 7, 2020.

Is there an option for exhibitors to donate their 2020 funds to the association? AAPS will gladly accept support and apply this towards the mission of AAPS.

What happens if an exhibitor has cancelled their 2020 booth already and has paid a cancellation liability? Will they be refunded? Will they be able to roll over this money into 2021? AAPS will not provide refunds in this circumstance. However, AAPS would apply your investment towards 2020 PharmSci 360.

How will exhibitors be refunded for extra registration fees that they may have paid? AAPS will honor all full conference registration allotments, if investment levels are met within the virtual conference. If investment levels are not met, your new allotment will be two (2) full conference registration passes.

What about exhibitors who registered for exhibit-booth-only registrations? Any current exhibiting registrant who does not wish to participate will be refunded. Requests should be sent to [email protected].  AAPS is eliminating the exhibitor-booth-only fee type as we transition to a virtual event. We will upgrade any individual who is currently registered with an exhibitor-booth-only registration to a full conference registration at no additional charge. No new registrations at the fee type will be accepted.

What will happen to exhibitors’ hotel reservations?  Hotel reservations made through the official AAPS housing partner, Experient, will be canceled on your behalf. Accommodations made through alternative methods are not the responsibility of AAPS.

I am interested in exhibiting or sponsoring now that there is a virtual component. Who should I contact?  Please contact our sales team at [email protected] to reserve your virtual booth and learn about sponsor opportunities.



I am a speaker. What does this mean for my presentation?  All speakers will be required to submit a pre-recorded version of their session by October 1, 2020 in order for our technology partner to merge and edit sessions into the appropriate format. Individuals who miss this deadline risk not being included in the program. More information will be distributed directly to speakers over the next few weeks. Questions can be directed to [email protected]

If everything is pre-recorded, how do I connect with the audience? We ask that all speakers participate in the live Q&A that will occur through a chat box throughout your presentation. You should also complete your Connect 360 profile so that registrants can find you for one-on-one conversation.

What if the date and time I’ve been assigned to present does not work for my schedule? Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on the date and time of your presentation. However, by pre-recording your session, you are still able to present regardless of your schedule’s limitations. We ask that all speakers participate in the live Q&A chat box during their session time but understand if you are unable to do so.

I do not wish to speak at a virtual PharmSci 360. Contact Amber Sims-Mowatt ([email protected]) immediately so that the Scientific Programming Committee can find a replacement for you or adjust the program.


How will AAPS present hundreds of posters online this year? AAPS will make the complete catalogue of posters available to registrants starting Oct. 26, and it will remain available through Dec. 31. Each presenting author is required to record an audio presentation to accompany their poster. Registrants can browse the catalogue by keyword online.

How can I talk to authors? There are three ways to connect with authors: (1) Attend one of the Special Poster Collections scheduled during the meeting, where AAPS leaders will chat with a small group of authors about their work, (2) contact an author through Connect 360 to make an appointment to speak, or (3) attend a Special Poster Collection hosted by an AAPS Community between Nov. 6 and Dec. 31.

More information is coming on the following programs:

  • Posters
  • Rapid Fires
  • Career Development Program, including the Career Fair
  • Connect 360 and networking
  • Awards
  • Fellows
  • Partner Engagements, including Partner Presentations, Software Labs, and the Tech Challenge
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall
  • Proceedings of the Meeting
  • Availability of Session Recordings

Where will the 2021 and 2022 PharmSci 360 be held?

The 2021 PharmSci 360 will be held October 17-20, 2021 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. The 2022 event will be held October 16-19, 2022, in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA.

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