2022 Award Gallery

AAPS Global Leader Award

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_J-Polli_1.pngJames E. Polli, Ph.D., FAAPS
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

AAPS Fellow

David Cipolla, Ph.D., FAAPS

AAPS Fellow

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_M-Gonzalez_1.pngMario A. González, Ph.D., FCP, FAAPS
P'Kinetics International, Inc.

AAPS Fellow

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_S-Jain_1.pngSanyog Jain, Ph.D., FAAPS

AAPS Fellow

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_M-Janei_1.pngMasoud Jamei, Ph.D., FAAPS
Certara UK, Simcyp Division

AAPS Fellow

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_V-Jawa_1.pngVibha Jawa, Ph.D., FAAPS
Bristol Myers Squibb

AAPS Fellow

Amitava Mitra, Ph.D., FAAPS
Kura Oncology


AAPS Fellow

Anette Müllertz, Ph.D., FAAPS
University of Copenhagen


AAPS Fellow

Thomas Rades, Ph.D., FAAPS
University of Copenhagen

Dale E. Wurster Research Award in Pharmaceutics 2022 Recipient

Richard Guy, Ph.D., FAAPS
University of Bath

AAPS Alice E. Till Advancement of Women in Pharmaceutical Sciences Recognition

Lynne S. Taylor, Ph.D., FAAPS
Purdue University

AAPS Pharmaceutical Research Meritorious Manuscript Award

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_R-Donnelly_1.pngRyan F. Donnelly, Ph.D.
Queen's University Belfast

The AAPS Journal High Impact Article Award

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_T-Minko_1.pngTamara Minko, Ph.D., FAAPS
Rutgers University

AAPS PharmSciTech High Impact Article Award

2946-002_AwardHeadshots_T-Fan_1.pngTianyuan Fan, Ph.D.
Peking University


AAPS Pharmaceutical Global Health Award

2326-007_Zhou_102x122_1.pngS. Narasimha Murthy, Ph.D., FAAPS
Topical Products Testing LLC


Student Chapter Award

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences AAPS Student Chapter

Student Chapter Award

University of Connecticut AAPS Student Chapter