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AAPS Newsmagazine helps pharmaceutical scientists excel in their jobs by providing current science, news, career advice, member recognition, AAPS offerings, and other valuable contemporary information.

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AAPS Newsmagazine publishes career advice for pharmaceutical scientists. Past articles include: 

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    Career Development Committee

    Brian Alden Dow, Ph.D. (Chair)

    Yongchao Su, Merck (Vice Chair)

    Aktham Aburub, Ph.D., Eli Lilly and Company

    Vivek Agrahari, PhD, CONRAD/Eastern Virginia Medical School

    Sanjeev Bhardwaj, Janssen R&D

    Ivelisse Colon, Pfizer Global R&D

    Bianka Haro, Seagen

    Kim Huynh-Ba, M.S., PMP, FAAPS, Pharmalytik

    Amy Lavelle, Ph.D., PPD-Richmond, VA

    Manas Mandal, Ph.D., Roseman University College of Pharmacy

    Matthew J. Nethercott, PhD, Kansas Analytical Services, LLC

    Lauren Stevenson, Ph.D., Immunologix Laboratories

    Puneet Tyagi, Ph.D., Medimmune

    Tong-Yuan Yang, PhD, Janssen Research & Development, LLC

    Shraddha Thakkar, Ph.D., US Food and Drug Administration (AAPS Board of Directors Liaison)