Dr. Shane Needham, Ph.D

Founder, President and CEO,
Veloxity Labs

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Veloxity Labs

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Shane Needham Bio: Dr. Needham is a serial entrepreneur and scientist. Dr. Needham is founder, President and CEO of Veloxity Labs. Veloxity Labs is a bioanalytical CRO focused on LC-MS with the founders having more than 100 years experience and a unique structure of being employee owned and operated. Dr. Needham has more than 30 years-experience in LC-MS bioanalysis. He is known as a resident expert in bioanalysis and has over 200 publications in the area. Dr. Needham is a serial entrepreneur for scientific businesses including two CRO’s and a scientific consulting business.  His businesses have a return on investment of >70,000% over 20 years. His CRO’s have been listed as a fastest growing company by INC 5000. Under his direction his labs have led the industry in dried blood spot analysis, microflow LC-MS/MS and small and large molecule (ADC’s, biomarkers, Oligonucleotides, mAbs, et. al.) bioanalysis.


Shane is also a wrestling coach, national champion bodybuilder, state champion powerlifter and Ted Talk speaker. Shane has four children and considers them his biggest accomplishment.


University of Rhode Island
Kingston, Rhode Island, United States
Ph.D., 2000
1994 To 2000
Dissertation: Optimized Stationary Phases for HPLC-MS
Advisor: Phyllis Brown

Washington State University
Pullman, Washington, United States
B.S., 1993
1989 To 1993

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Job History

Veloxity Labs, LLC
Founder, President and CEO
Peoria, IL, United States
November 2021 - present

Alturas Analytics, Inc.
Founder, Owner, Director
Moscow, ID, United States
September 2000 - present

Needham Scientific, Inc.
Founder, Owner, Director
Moscow, ID, United States
January 2000 - present