AAPS Webinar: USP Panel Findings on Performance Tests for Mucosal Products

When:  Apr 9, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:30 (ET)
Associated with  Bioanalytical Community

Joint AAPS/USP Webinars on Drug Performance Testing

The USP Expert Panel New Advancements in Product Performance Testing performed a gap analysis on the need for and possible creation of tests and standards for measuring the performance of drug products. This webinar series will highlight challenges of specific product performance tests, such as injectables, mucosal, inhalation, nasal, continuous manufacturing, topical, transdermal, oral, and nanomaterials, and allow for further discussions and feedback from stakeholders.  Upon completion of the webinar series participants will understand the challenges as addressed in the stimuli articles and learn about existing tests, gaps and challenges involved in drug performance testing for various drug types


Challenges in In-Vitro Product Performance Testing of Mucosal Drug Products – Uncovering USP Perspectives

Description: Mucosal drug products represent a very heterogeneous group of dosage forms that are applied to various sites of the body. Performance testing of mucosal drug products presents the user with a multitude of challenges given various routes of administration. The webinar delivers a critical discussion on the methodological approaches, gaps, and challenges in mucosal product performance testing. In addition, it will highlight the USP General Chapter ⟨1004⟩ Mucosal Drug Products – Performance Tests, along with the related stimuli article, and emphasize the need for the development and standardization of meaningful In-Vitro product performance tests for mucosal drug products. Don’t miss this exciting webinar and register now!

Objectives: Upon completion of this specific webinar participants will understand:
• Currently available compendial test methods for mucosal drug products
• Current challenges due to the diversity of mucosal dosage forms
• Need for additional performance tests, methodological standardization.
• Factors to be considered while developing an in-vitro testing model for mucosal drug products.

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