Webinar: Developing your Personal Board of Directors for Career Advancement

When:  Apr 11, 2024 from 12:30 to 13:30 (ET)
Associated with  AAPS Community

Pharmaceutical scientists operate in a complex and ever-evolving industry, demanding diverse skills and knowledge. Navigating this sector can be challenging, and progress can be elusive without the right guidance and support. This webinar introduces the concept of a personal board of directors, a team of trusted advisors offering invaluable guidance, support, and advice for career navigation and goal achievement. Developing a personal board of directors is a critical step for career advancement in the dynamic field of pharmaceutical sciences. Join us for an enlightening career development webinar where we delve into the concept of a personal board of directors, why it is pivotal for career growth, and the strategies to construct and sustain an effective board. Our session features 5 expert panelists who will emphasize the significance of a personal board of directors for pharmaceutical scientists in both academia and industry. Together, they will explore the process of identifying and engaging board members, discuss the advantages of having a personal board, and provide practical insights into maintaining strong relationships with these advisors over time.


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding the concept of a personal board of directors and why it is important for career advancement.
  • Identifying the types of individuals that should be included in a personal board and how to approach them.
  • Developing strategies for building and leveraging your personal board.
  • Navigating challenges and conflicts that may arise within your personal board.
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